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Learning With A HandicapThe SELAM-Lebenshilfe is an organization founded in December 1990. Holder of the SELAM-Lebenshilfe are three parents-organizations from the Lebenshilfe in Oldenburg, Ammerland and Wesermarsch.

We are working in Oldenburg and the surrounding area.

Aim of the SELAM-Lebenshilfe is to offer, to coordinate and bring together ambulant treatment for people with handicaps in Oldenburg and the surrounding area.

SELAM-Lebenshilfe includes every form, heaviness and cause of a handicap in it's treatment. Our offer is orientated on the individual need of help and the wishes of the people with handicaps. Our assistents support for a few hours a week up to 24 hours day and night, if necessary.

Our principle is self-determination for people with handicaps. SELAM-Lebenshilfe is engaged in the integration of all people with handicaps in society.

Assistenz beim Wohnen (assistance for living) means that we are assisting more than 60 adults with handicaps in their apartments.

 Selam Lebenshilfe Photo In The GardenAssistance is given in form of ambulant, social care, assistance with personal hygiene, help with thehousekeeping and in terms of social just as legal matters.

People with handicaps, who want to leave  their parents' house, get assistance by planing and preparing  their life in an own apartment (Vorbereitung der Assistenz beim Wohnen).

Another part of our work is the "mobile social auxiliary service" (mobilen sozialen Hilfsdienst). We are transporting people with wheel-chairs in seven busses (with car lift) .

We assist over 150 families with a handicapped family member in their homes (familienentlastenden Dienste) in Oldenburg and the surrounding area. Assistance is given at home or in outside places, hourly, on a daily basis or on weekends. With this we advance life quality of families with a handicapped member. 

SELAM-Lebenshilfe takes care of twenty handicapped children in regular schools in Oldenburg (Schulintegration). So they don't have to go in special schools.

Assistance at work (Assistenz in Ausbildung und Beruf) gives people with handicaps the opportunity to work at a normal job.

The SELAM-Lebenshilfe is approved contract party of social health insurances so benefits the client recieves from the different work fields can be claimed (anerkannter Pflegedienst).

We organize leisure activities for people with and without handicaps (Freizeitstätte KIEK-IN). We also organize vacation trips in summer(Reiseabteilung) and we run a sports-club (Sportabteilung) for people with handicaps. 

Support In The Day-Center 

Over 50 people with severe handicaps are supported for daily life in a day-center (Tagesförderstätte).





Translation :  Martje Pohlabeln